Word Aware is a whole school vocabulary approach developed by

Stephen Parsons and Anna Branagan.

Please see their website www.thinkingtalking.co.uk for further information.

A Time to Talk can provide an accredited W trainer in your setting.

Word Aware Training for Education Settings

Word Aware in Primary Schools

Word Aware Training

Well-developed vocabulary is required to: 

• Understand concepts in subjects such as maths and science • Develop reading comprehension • Write expressively • Succeed academically and in life.

This practical training will introduce you to Word Aware: a structured whole school approach to promote the vocabulary development of all children. 

Word Aware in the Early Years


The Word Aware early years approach is based on the same theory as the original Word Aware resource but is adapted for the Early Years.

The training will support EY settings to promote effective vocabulary development in preschool children of all abilities.

Word Aware in Secondary Schools


Word Aware continues to have a supportive application in secondary schools as pupils begin to require an understanding of specialist and subject-specific vocabulary.

The approach is adapted for older pupils in this training.

Training Options


Word Aware can be delivered as a whole-school INSET training day or as a series of twilight sessions. Choose your main focus:

Early Years, Primary, Secondary.

Alternatively individuals can book onto a local course. See below.

In-setting Support

Word Aware Demonstration in class

Consultative support, including coaching and class demonstrations, can be arranged following your training to help you get off to a flying start!

Bespoke workshops to refresh knowledge and practice skills can also be arranged.



See the testimonials page to find out what other professionals said about the training.

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