About us

Communication as a Foundation for Learning

Communication underpins everything we do in life. Through communication we build relationships, form friendships, learn about the world, form values and develop self-esteem.

Speaking and listening are the core communication skills which underpin learning. Spoken language is our primary channel for teaching and learning, across the whole curriculum. As we grow, our language grows with us. We can express feelings, describe the world around us, share a joke, understand increasingly complex concepts; we can use our language to construct a piece of narrative, to analyse, to debate, to persuade and more. So in order for any child to reach to their full potential, continued nurture of speaking and listening skills is crucial.

​For some children, spoken language (and understanding spoken language) is not easy and for these children timely intervention is key. Speech and language therapy support in our modern education system is best placed within schools in order that it can be accessed when required. It is on that basis that "A Time to Talk: Speech and Language Therapy for Schools" was born.

"A Time to Talk" allows schools in North West Leicestershire to access speech and language therapy support directly at the point of need. With schools as commissioners, the pupils who most need support with speech, language and communication can receive the helping hand they need.​​

How we can help?

“A Time to Talk…” adopts a collaborative approach in its speech and language therapy services. Collaborative working promotes the most successful outcomes. In practice, this means working directly with school staff to model and demonstrate recommended approaches and provide opportunities for practice and coaching. We arm school staff with knowledge and strateg to promote good quality speech, language and communication support and enrich the classroom communication environment.

We provide highly specialised and timely assessment for pupils with speech, language and communication needs. Targeted therapy activities are developed that are engaging and fun for pupils. Above all we strive for the best outcomes.​